The Idea

Early 2011:

Our goal was to develop a brewing system that is simple, quick and uncomplicated. During this phase we rethought and reinvented the process of home brewing. We wanted to become able to enjoy beer exactly customized to our taste.

Spring 2011:

Our first objective was to minimize the cleaning effort. No more cleaning buckets or washing up bottles. The solution? Brewing directly in a five-liter keg (approx.. 1.32 gallons). With this simple but clever idea, there was no bottling and no cleaning necessary, and in the end we could tap directly out of the keg.

Summer 2011:

To implement our idea, we first had to develop a valve to control the pressure inside the keg. This valve was necessary to ensure the right amount of naturally rising carbon dioxide in the beer while preventing overpressure inside the keg. In theory this seemed simple but the practical implementation was challenging.

Late Summer 2011:

We wanted to create the perfect beer for every occasion, brewed with the best ingredients. So we spent the entire summer visiting suppliers to find the best and most natural ingredients for Brewbarrel.

Summer 2012:

Funding of Customized Drinks GmbH and launch of the web shop in Germany


Professionalization of the product and the distribution. Shipment of over 30.000 Brewbarrel in Germany.


From StartUp to growth: The first major contracts for national supermarket chains challenged us. At the same time we were planning everything for the release of Brewbarrel and had to relocate to a bigger production facility.