How It Works

Customize your beer

With Brewbarrel, you can create customized beer in three easy steps. We will ship your Beer Brewing Kit with all the necessary pre-weighed Ingrediets according to your customization. You can immediatly start brewing your own beer, customized to your taste.

Customized Beer
In the first step, you select your favorite beer style (lager, ale, wheat beer, or dark beer). The second step is to choose the hop intensity. The hops regulate the bitterness in your beer, giving it a unique, hoppy flavor. In the third step, you can refine your beer with various natural flavors. To assist you choose, we provide detailed descriptions of every step and every flavor in our beerconfigurator. You will receive your Brewbarrel Home Brewing Kit with all the necessary ingredients already perfectly weighed, meaning you can start brewing directly.

Beer style

The beer style defines the basis of your home brewed beer. With the beer style, you choose the type of malt, the amount of malt and the yeast used. These components regulate color, basic taste and alcohol content of your homebrew.


The hops regulate whether your homebrewed beer has a decent flower bouquet or a bitter-acetous note. Which you can regulate by choosing the intensity of the hops for your homebrew. More hops mean more bitterness and a more intensive taste


Natural flavours add a special aroma and taste to your customized, homebrewed beer. In this last step, you can choose between premium natural flavours such as fruit extracts, wood chips and exotic blends. Select up to three flavors for your customized beer and enjoy your homebrewed beer customized to your taste.

Brew Your Own - with the Brewbarrel Home Brewing Kit

With the Brewbarrel Home Brewing Kit you can brew your own beer very fast and easy. You need arount 10 minutes to prepare your Beer for Fermentation. Afterwards your beer need 1 week until you can enjoy it fres from the keg.

Brew your own beer
You receive your Brewbarrel Home Brewing Kit with all the ingredients you need (hops, yeast, malt and – if you choose – natural flavors). Everything is perfectly weighed and packed to your order. You also receive simple, step-by-step instructions and a pressure control valve, as well as three drip mats. In just a few quick and easy steps, you will be able to prepare your beer for fermentation


Everything you need is packed with your Brewbarrel. With the help of our step-by-step instructions and the pre-packaged ingredients, all the preparations can be completed in about ten minutes.


The brewing takes one week and is divided in two stages: for five days, your Brewbarrel has to ferment at ambient temperature. Then it has to be stored in the fridge for two days.


Tap your home-brewed beer directly out of your Brewbarrel. Simply open the valve and pull out the integrated tap with a simple turning motion. Then tap and enjoy your home-brewed, customized beer.
You can download the brewbarrel brewing instructions in advance here.

Enjoy your home brewed beer

After just one week your home brewed beer is ready to tap. Time to invite some friends and enjoy your home brewed beer!

Enjoyment of home brewed beer
After a week of fermentation, your beer is ready to enjoy. It will have a wonderful, natural taste! Your Brewbarrel is ideal for hanging out, relaxing and hours of enjoyment with friends and family. Brewbarrel suits any event or occasion – like your next barbecue, football game or garden party. With Brewbarrel, one thing is certain: the spotlight will be placed on you and your delicious, home-brewed beer


After one week, your customized beer is ready to enjoy. Pull out the integrated tap and draw your beer.


Your beer is fresh and naturally unfiltered. There’s no pasteurization necessary, and it has a full, rich taste.


No chemicals or artificial carbon dioxide. Just pure taste.