Customize your Beer

With the Brewbarrel Home Brewing Kit you can put together your own individual beer that will suit your own personal tastes

customize your home brewed beer

You put your own individual beer together by choosing from over 100,000 different possible beer and flavour combinations!

Have you always wanted to try out beers with different flavours? With the Brewbarrel Home Brewing Kit you will have the possibility to quickly and simply brew your own high quality beer (Gravity ~ 12.5 %, Alcohol Content ~ 5.2 %) according to your own personal tastes! With flavours such as American oak timber, cherry or also passion fruit, who said that beer always has to taste the same? Beer is just as diverse as other drinks and this diversity is meant to be enjoyed! Discover now the new world of flavours and brew your own personal beer according to your own preferences!
The principal is simple, choose a beer style, the intensity of your hops, and up to three natural flavours, you will then receive your home brewing kit within one week which everything will be included that you will need to brew your own high – quality beer at home!

High Quality, individual Beer, Not a Shandy!

5 Litres of sparkling, home brewed, natural beer!

Over 100,000 various Taste Combinations!

Firstly choose your favourite beer style:

The beer style will form the foundation of your individual beer. By choosing a beer style you will also decide the Malt and Yeast for your beer kit.

Beerstyles: Wheat beer, Pilsner, Lager, Dark Beer, Pale Ale
With a starting gravity of 12.5% with regard to our main beer styles: Pils, Dark Beer and Weiss bier. These beers offer a solid taste basis. Our Pale Ale and Oktoberfest Beer are our stronger beers and contain a higher starting gravity of 16% and with that also a higher alcohol content of 6.5% alcohol per volume. Which is your favourite beer style?
Brew your Favourite beer now!

Choose the intensity of your hops:

Via the hop intensity you are basically choosing the level of bitterness that your finished beer will have but also this will decide the intensity of a hoppy aroma that you would like your beer to have.

Uebersicht Hopfen
The intensity of hops in your beer will decide on the bitterness that the taste of your finished beer will have. With Brewbarrel you can decide on the intensity by yourself, we currently offer the following Strengths of hop aroma: Mild, Standard and Herby. The hop intensity of every beer type is actually pre-set for those who are not sure about customizing the hop intensity in their beer, for example our lager features a more herbier hop intensity than for example a Wheat beer.
Brew Your Favourite beer!

Fine Tune your beer with up to 3 different natural Flavours!

With the different aromas you can give your beer a much more personal note.

Uebersicht Aromen zum Bier brauen
You can give your beer up to three flavours, if you are looking to give your homebrew a personal and individual flavour then look no further than one of our varieties of Wood chips which will give you’re a beer an extra special aroma. Woody aromas give you’re beer a special aroma similar to what one might expect from whiskey or very fine wine after many years of conditioning is now available for home brewing, Exclusively from Brewbarrel! Fruit aromas are already well known in beers such as Shandy’s and perhaps other mixed beer drinks. However only with Brewbarrel is there the possibility to achieve a natural fruit aroma in your beer without having to mix it with the beer in a glass. In Germany there is already very popular mixed beer drinks such as radler and cola beer.
These beers might taste hoppy and sweet but they are unfortunately to large extent, watered down. However only with Brewbarrel will a hoppy aroma be available in your beer without watering it down, allowing you to taste a full bodied beer with an exciting taste without having to water it down. Basically Brewbarrel is not to be confused with a shandy! Seasoning is known by all in the kitchen but in a beer? After extensive tests and many different tries we can now recommend certain seasonings for your beer! Because of this you can be guaranteed that with Brewbarrel you will be able to experience that can never be unparalleled in terms of taste. Choose your favourite beer now from over 100,000 different combinations!

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