This is what our master brewers have to say

It is important to us to always remain in contact with our master brewers so that we can continuously develop Brewbarrel further. In particular, this means sending you a short questionnaire a few weeks after you have made your purchase so that we can learn more about your brewing experience. Twice a month our whole team discusses your opinions, experience and feedback, which are used to identify specific areas for improvement. This means your feedback has a direct impact on the selection of new flavors, updates to our website and the packaging of our kegs. We constantly look forward to receiving your feedback and opinions! Simply write to us at!

A selection of previous customer comments:

Great concept. Fantastically implemented.
from Bastian D.

The idea is brilliant and being able to create your own customized beer really means that every wish can be fulfilled. This product is simply fantastic and its a real thrill to receive it as a gift. Keep up the good work
from Mario V.

Can only send my congratulations! I have already tried some other so-called home brewing kits that never delivered such fantastic results.
from Arnold S

Unfortunately, I don't have any suggestions or anything but just wanted to say that I was also thrilled from start to finish. Everything was nice and quick, I would definitely recommend you to others!
from Christiane M.

Hello, the beer was a real hit at my topping-out ceremony and I even had to hurry to make sure I got a glass myself!
from Marcel J.

My fellow drinkers also found that it tasted very good. It was open for three days in the fridge and even the last sip was good.
from Andreas P.

Great gift, great taste! I was thoroughly satisfied with the product! Keep it up! Cheers!
from Alfred K.

We found the idea great – the recipient found it even better – and all involved will definitely be recommending it further.
from Gaby E.

A wonderful and interesting gift for beer enthusiasts and those who like to dabble in the kitchen!
from Stefan M.

The delivery was great. A fast service and packaging just the way you want it. If the taste test also delivers the desired level of success then I will certainly be placing another order.
from Walter N.

I am a ruined man. I now only find other beers in the shops (all of which I had drunk previously) boring or even undrinkable
from Sebastian A.

Product tests carried out by customers: