Brewbarrel Ingredients

Scope of delivery may vary according to your order

All Brewbarrel brewing kits contain specific components: the empty five-liter keg as a fermentation tank, step-by-step instructions, the pressure control valve, three drip mats, and all necessary ingredients to brew five liters of your favorite beer. These include around 650 g - 750 g of malt extract, 9 ml of hop extract, and 4 g of yeast. If you order a customized brewing kit, you will of course additionally get the flavors of your choice.

The Brewbarrel

The eco-friendly five litres keg is made of tin and can easily be recycled. It is gem-free and can therefore directly used to start fermentation. No additional cleaning is required. The dimension of the keg are optimized so that it fits to most regular refrigerators. The dimension are: height 27 cm (10.6 in) and diameter 18 cm (7.1 in).

Malt extract

Malt is the main ingredient of beer. We already prepared malt extract for you which is ready for fermentation.


Hops are responsible for the durability of your beer and for the bitterness in your beer. The Brewbarrel hops are delivered as an high quality extract made of selected hop varieties.


Yeast converts the malt sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The Brewbarrel yeast was choosen to ferment your beer in only one week at ambient temperature.


You can choose up to three different natural flavours to refine your beer. To create your unique beer. Our Flavors include wood chips – delivered in small cotton bags – and high-quality plant extracts – delivered in small bottles as liquids. Using all the different options, you can order more than 50,000 unique-tasting beers. We supply detailed descriptions of all flavours as well as recommendations which flavor combinations are proven.

The Brewbarrel website gives you information about the suppliers and the origin of all the ingredients. Should you have any questions, we are always at your side to help you out.
You can also download the step by step instruction in advance. Just take a look how easy home brewing with Brewbarrel is.
Download our manual here