Brew Your Own

Brewbarrel has thought of the complete home brewing process, so that it is now possible to brew your own beer at home without the expensive sourcing of equipment and bottles, it also ensures that your kitchen will remain clean and tidy. Brewing beer doesn’t have to be hard. See for yourself:

All Homebrewing Ingredients are included in your home brewing kit

Everything you will need will be included in your Brewbarrel Homebrewing Kit!

With Brewbarrel you can successfully brew your own beer after just a few quick short steps. Every single Brewbarrel home brewing kit contains a five litre keg, a bottle of Malt Extract, a sachet of Beer Yeast, a bottle of Hop Aroma (up to three different natural Aromas depending on your order), three beer coasters and an instruction manual. The Step – by – Step instructions will explain all and the Pre – Measured ingredients will ensure that the preparation of your beer for fermentation is fast and easy. The recipe for your beer can be modified via the use of our Beer Configurator where you can play the role of Master Brewer and put together a beer to suit your specific tastes. We will then send you the appropriate ingredients for your Beer Creation.

First you have to pour the malt extract in your Brewbarrel home brewing kit

Preparing the Beer Wort

Firstly, pour the malt extract into the keg. The Malt Extract that you will receive is already processed and ready for use having been produced from shredded barley. We have prepared the Malt Extract in this way so that it is best suited to the purpose of home brewing. We boil the shredded barley so that we can easily extract the sugars from the grain that are needed to produce beer. We further boil this solution to reducing it to the thick and sticky consistency that you will receive. This is called wort concentrate or better known perhaps as Malt Extract. It contains exactly the same ingredients as a beer wort that you would find in an traditional brewery except that it contains less water. Because of this the Malt Extract will last a very long time (much like a jam or a marmalade) and is perfectly portioned for brewing with the Brewbarrel Homebrewing Kit.
You have to shake the brewbarrel to mix the beer wort
When you pour the malt extract into your Brewbarrel, you must then dilute the mixture with hot water to make it more soluble and viscous. To do this you can use the empty malt extract bottle as a measuring cup with the help of the marked indicators on its label. Closing the keg it is important to shake the mixture with hot water in order to appropriately dissolve the malt extract. This step is necessary for a desired end result and allows you to proceed with the following steps.

Fill up the beer wort with cold water
Now the keg must be filled with cold water, again the malt extract bottle can be used as a measuring jug.
With the mixture fully diluted, the beer wort is now again at its optimal consistency for brewing. Also through the addition of the cold water the beer is also at the optimal temperature to begin adding the yeast.
Add Hops and Yeast to the beer wort

Hops and Yeast

Add the yeast and hops to the beer wort. In the case that you have selected extra aromas, this is the perfect time to add them to your Brewbarrel. For the final step you just need to install the pressure control valve into the top of the Brewbarrel.
During the fermentation process the yeast converts the sugars contained in the malt extract into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The pressure control valve ensures that the carbon dioxide remains in the beer so that the finished beer will taste wonderful and can be enjoyed with a natural carbonation.

Let the beer ferment for one week

1 Week Fermentation Period

The main part of the brewing process is now complete. In just one week you will be able to tap and enjoy your own home brewed beer.
During this time your Brewbarrel must be allowed to ferment at room temperature for five days and then for another two days it should be left in a refrigerator. This is to ensure that the yeast will trickle to the bottom of the keg and naturally clear the beer. After a total of one week your beer will be finished and you will be able to tap the keg and enjoy.
If you would still like to have a quick look at how you can brew your own beer at home with Brewbarrel then click on this link to have a look at our Brewing Instructions.

Want to start brewing your own beer? Then get started! Create your own individual beer with the Brewbarrel Beer Configurator or choose one of our Bestsellers.